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Technique used: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique created by Dolores Cannon

Hypnotherapist: Melanie Aguirre, Starseed Solutions

April 16, 2020

First race contacted: Lemurian; Tall Whites aka The Great Ones.

Msg: “The great ones are coming to provide teachings of a new way of balancing out work and play.”

When? Summer 2020. When Saturn and Pluto Align, there will be rebirth and destruction. The people at the top will fall and there will be an uprising of the people. The technology that was brought here with the tall whites, will resurface to the population.

On healing the COVID energy:

Are the deaths increasing each day?

Tall whites: Yes, The death rates are slowly increasing daily.

What can individuals do to help clear this energy?

Tall whites: Clear the air and breathe in the fresh air to clean and open the heart, more than ever.

Where is the Covid energy being held in the body?

Tall whites: The mind.

How is this spread?

Tall whites: Blockages of fear. Fear is contagious. People need to feel peace again. When we bring in peace this will allow fear to naturally dissipate.

Do not contaminate the waters.

This part of this connection was fading because the human language is hard to translate. English is a lower vibration to their light language, so they asked to speak in their language for a moment. As they did with ease, the connection continued a little bit stronger. They raised the frequency and vibration of the individual through this session. Opening the crown so that more information can come through.

Messages continued:

Tall whites:  Individuals that have been diagnosed with the covid energy, can reach out to those who can help. The lightworkers. Although, this may be a difficult time for them,

There are three races that overtaking the world at this time. Lizards and a race known as Trace; unknown pronunciation. Trace is in hiding for ‘eating the planet’ by taking the natural resources and life force away from the planet.

I did not get the name of the third race. After the tall whites provided me with this information, they said, ‘The workers are here’. This is when another being started to provide information through this channel.

Second race contacted: Light beings.
Name: Kin, The Ambassador of light – represents ‘the people’.
Home: They move themselves from space to space. Not having a set location.

Msg: “This has happened before to other planets for eons and it needs to stop.”

Kin: They will be exposed for their vileness.

Can healing be done on a Mass Level?

Kin: Yes. Unite your people, those who are awake, and bring them together.


Kin: By doing what you have been doing, only on a bigger level. See bigger. The ones that are asleep can not deny the truth and what is happening. Share information on a mass level.

How can Lightworkers improve our meditations to increase the healing vibration?

Kin: Earth is your ally. Connect together through the earth and raise it. As much as we can. Stand outside on the ground for the most effective results.

What can Gridworkers do to raise the vibration and what stones can they use at this time?

Kin: Work on the ground. Quarts, Azurite, Rhodonite, Labradorite, Moonstone and Selenite.

There are many stones that could be used, but these are the main ones provided as a good combination.

What sound frequency will heal assist in healing the covid energy

Kin: 741 hz. DNA Repair.

There are recordings to choose from online already. Here are a couple that I chose to share with you. Enjoy!



What color can be used to raise this vibration?

Kin: Purple. (To represent the Crown chakra)

What is the connection to the name and the virus?

Kin: The virus and the name were meant to attack the mind. Think of the placebo effect, individuals change the name in their own minds to change and avoid the energy.

What is an example to change the name to?

Kin: Avalon.

*I looked into the meaning of Avalon and why he chose this name. Avalon is the Island of Fruit or Island of Apples. This tells me that we need to bear the fruit of the new earth into our own minds. This bringing the new earth into fruition.

Kin: You and other lightworkers bridge the connection and we can come together to help heal. Lightworkers have the ability to transmute energy, such as the fear from the mind, and to rewire the brain.

What can individuals do, that have been diagnosed, to improve their health?

Kin: to understand that the covid energy is not coming from them, it was placed on them and it will take a while for them to understand this. Bring their attention to their health. This is the number one priority. What they are facing can be reversed by what we, the lightworkers, are already doing. Remote healing is okay.

The healing is dependent on each person. What matters is their will and their belief. As long as they cooperate and acknowledge within themselves, what comes through.

*The connection was difficult to hold so it was agreed that it would be best to end the connection at this time. Leaving an open opportunity for the future.

Melanie Aguirre

Starseed Solutions

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