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A Passion for Art and Painting

My passion for painting is beyond the limits of my soul. From survival to success, the power of painting has warmed and welcomed me through a life of expansion. Greeting me with every wild variety imaginable, and options available for my expression. I was able to find art and beauty in everything I saw.

   When I started young, I didn’t know that the natural talent was already embedded within me. Handed down for generations, I was born a True Artist. As I got older, I realized that painting had become a silent teacher, and my paint brush, was the healing tool to my life’s journey.

My Passion for painting is not just the perfect time lapse for relaxation, painting holds space from my ancestors and for many generations to come. Painting provides stories of transformation, and the history shared by many around the world. This has created a bridge to connect, reminding us that we live together, as one.

   When painting, the opportunities are boundless. Visions are endless, and the colors are plentiful. At times, the canvas chooses me, and others, my canvas is not canvas at all. While some of the templates I have painted on, were handed down for me to, ‘do something with’. With these recycled adoptions, you can see the imperfections that lie before me. This is another thing that makes the originality so beautiful. 

Art is amongst us each day. Everywhere I tend to look, there is beauty in the roughest of things. Now add in some love or a new idea, and you have a new creation, something more beautiful than how it began. Nothing should ever be wasted, but rather shared with one another to create something new.

   When I am given the opportunity to paint without intention, meditation is my best friend. This is when a natural flow of energy channels through me, not from me. When I’m high in this vibration, I am given a vision of what my next painting should be. Through this clairvoyance, my instincts tell me which images need to be painted and shared. These images don’t always appear instantly, but when they do, they are bright and loud. After sitting with the image for a few minutes, I paint and complete the image that was shown to me. Not knowing where they come from, I give gratitude for the images I have been shown and able to share with the world. I utilize meditation to channel energy during my creation process because it has brought inspiration and originality to my work. Painting has provided great healing for me and anyone who may resonate.

  The goal that I hold for my future, is my passion for peace and justice for mother earth for the collective of humanity. I dream of sharing my work on a much larger scale, for all to see. As a reminder that we ALL live under the same Sun and Moon. That without love, there is no hope.

The spectrum of life lessons is plenty, and it’s the dark spirals that bring beauty to our light.

*Art Prints and custom work available upon request. The proceeds for art benefits the Movement for Millions Non profit Organization.

Please contact Melanie by email at for more information regarding custom work and art prints. Some original painting are for sale. Serious buyers only must inquire for price.