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A Conversation with Nostradamus

Portrait de Nostradamus (c. 1614) par César de Nostredame
Nostradamus — Wikipédia (

First, before you continue, please know that I was given permission by the Anonymous subject and Nostradamus himself to release this information to the collective for education and insight to our current times the dangers we are facing.

M: Would he be okay if I shared this information from today for the collective, for knowledge and education?

A: Nostradamus says, “If it would help. That you are welcome to do so.” He still cares.

Here is some information that is important to know and to be reminded of. As a collective we are responsible for our individual and collective progression and evolution. Our level of awareness ranges in a world of believers and non believers. Regardless of personal beliefs there is one thing that we share and all have in common, we all live on Planet Earth and this is our home. Regardless of gender, religion or disagreements we are responsible for taking care of ourselves, others and our current planet. Love is the answer and it starts within ourselves.

Continued is a condensed transcript of our discussion with Nostradamus from September 01, 2021. The rest of the transcribe will be released in an upcoming book that is yet to be published.

M: Is there anything that we are able to talk about in the future to help humanity as a collective?

A: There is a sense of futility because people have not listened to him and the things that he has said and so many of them have come to pass. Not all, and not necessarily in the way that he saw them but he is frustrated by the degree of the insanity that he sees and has seen in the future and I only see the word Love.

Nostradamus and his experience with Dolores Cannon:

M: I do have a question about his experience with Dolores. What was that like on his end?

A: There was a huge sense of relief mostly that what he was trying to get across was actually being understood and in Dolores’s case the message was brought forward in books and in her understanding of what he was saying.

M: Can you tell us why he was able to share that information with Dolores at that time?

A: The initial contact was made at a time of great curiosity about the people and not only people, but the spirits were visiting. She came in at a time that he opened the door to some of these and as time went on it became more difficult to know who to trust and it was more complicated because of his depth of knowledge and the places he went to obtain that knowledge in his body was not healthy as he got older.

M: Does Nostradamus know that the technique that we are using today was created by Dolores Cannon?

A: Nods head yes.

M: He does?

A: He said he helped.

M: What does he say about the technique?

A: He says that it enabled him to feel comfortable or secure in that who he could recognize the technique so that when it was coming through, he knew, he knew it was coming from her and he had to establish her as being a safe person. Safe from the others that were also trying to contact him at various times.

M: How would that look on his end? How did he notice she was coming through?

A: It was some inner knowledge and a password or a sign that was given, early on that he could recognize as being from her, and also had to do with ability to know Dolores as being part of the bridge of the person that was coming through, on the other side of the bridge.

Dolores Cannon

M: Is there anything that was not shared in those books that he would like to share today?

A: “We have the power to change the future. We have the power to avoid it even though it is getting late, it can still be changed. Things can change in an instant.”

M: How can we do this as a collective or individually?

?A: He says, Just to know that and there is still hope. He is saying If we choose.

M: What direction could our future go from here?

A: What he sees is total destruction of the planet in a way where humanity would no longer be able to inhabit it. The planet would survive although he says there has been scenarios where the planet did not.

M: What would cause the planet to not survive?

A: The bombs.

M: Who is in control of those at this time?

A: I see the middle east setting off a domino effect. By using nuclear power that eventually destroys the planet. But they are not the only ones, they are the ones who initiate it. But there are also other scenarios where other beings come in and stop that from happening. There are other scenarios where we figure out how we stop it ourselves and sometimes it’s just Earth changes that were started by humans that took on a life of their own and changed the complexion of the planet. All of those are possible and even others he cannot see.

M: What is the most probable outcome at this time?

A: Extraterrestrials.

M: Is there a contact that will happen this year in 2021?

A: I see 2022.

M: Is there a specific day or time?

A: Spring.

M: Is this a contact agreement that they have for official first contact?

A: It is when most of the population of the Earth becomes aware that the extraterrestrials are with us. Like the time of disclosure. I am seeing April 21st 2022 as a date for something. But that kind of walked through.

M: Does he have any last messages for us at this time?

A: He just wants people to know that we have the ability to change this if we act.

This transcribe belongs to Melanie Aguirre and Starseed Solutions. 2021