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Hypnosis Regression therapy to discover extraterrestrial experiences.

Hypnosis regression assists with retrieving lost memories of missing time, locating implants within the body, learning about the hybridization program and understanding why we are being taken. What part do we have to play in the extraterrestrials lives and what purpose do these events hold for one and for all? Why are we being monitored and what is to come of our species in the future?

When using hypnosis regression, you can discover more about your dreams of your extraterrestrial experiences. Discover what took place during missing time and why you did not remember. We are here to explore more about the implants and why we are being monitored, and even the hybridization process that can take place for so many. Do you have dreams or memories or extraterrestrials or have you had any strange markings upon wakening? Have you had sightings or had strange occurrences?

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