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Quantal Awareness

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Would you like to participate in the show? Melanie Aguirre is now accepting participants for Quantal Awareness. Please submit your information below and you will be reached.

Please keep in mind that Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was designed to be performed in person. Dolores Cannon was passionate about her work and she did not approve of remote sessions as this is taught in my training. All sessions must be done in person.

What is Quantal Awareness?

Quantal Awareness is new televised content reveling Ancient Hidden Knowledge and Truth and Discovery of lost wisdom and Education. We already know that Quantum Healing can happen instantaneously and there is no doubt that the mind is very powerful. As we connect with a higher power we gain access to what lies dormant. The time is now to awake ancient mystery and to add pieces to the puzzle if not complete the masterpiece of mysteries.

Quantal Awareness is open to new participants and volunteers. Please connect if you feel drawn to share your experiences, knowledge, education and wisdom with the world. The time is now to expand consciousness.

If you have further questions please connect.

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Recordings are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Sedona, Arizona.