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ABQ Office

2921 Carlisle Blvd. NM ABQ NM 87110, Suite 200 Q

Beyond Quantum Healing

Developed By Candace Craw-Goldman

What is BQH, or Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy?

This hypnosis style was created by a warm and wide spectrum of hypnotherapy styles and techniques mixed with natural healing methods.

If you are unable to travel for an in person session with Melanie this is a great way to reconnect with your inners self.

One BQH Online sessions is approximately two hours to three hours in length. This covers the Interview, Regression and healing.

BQH Session $150

Benefits of BQH:

  • Natural healing on the mental, emotional, spiritual, level
  • Connect with your inner being
  • Get answers to life’s toughest questions
  • Gain clarity when you feel stuck
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression
  • Understand Ascension symptoms and why you have them
  • more!

Please have your list of questions already prepared in advance for your personal session.

Please make yourself comfortable for your session. Limit all distractions including electronics and pets, unnatural back ground noises. For additional questions, please connect with Melanie directly.

Sessions are held online only via Zoom.

Please pay for your session feel free to schedule your appointment below!

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