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Melanie Aguirre

Multidimensional Diver, Researcher and Reporter

Melanie Aguirre, Photo Credit: Josef Skye Tornick Photography

About Melanie:

Melanie Aguirre is passionate about Multidimensional healing and exploring the multifaceted depths of knowledge. Melanie Aguirre’s research has covered the following but is not limited to: Quantum Healing, grief, reincarnation, karma, extraterrestrial worlds and origins, Hybrids, implants, missing time recovery, soul retrieval, cellular healing, DNA Upgrades and Activations, ancestral healing, and much more.

Melanie is passionate about the power of the mind, energy and healing. Being a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner allows Melanie to dive into the multidimensional playground, to help others experience their own transformation and natural healing. Individuals connect with their subconscious, or Higher Self. When we reach this deep state of trance, higher dimensions of knowledge, Akashic Records, past lives, and spiritual healing, and more can be achieved at this level. There are no limits here. If you wish to spend time with a loved one, this is your chance.

​Melanie has studied and built her Alternative Medicine practice since 2010, creating Starseed Solutions in 2019. Her purpose is to create a better solution when it comes to healing.

How Melanie discovered QHHT

In 2015, as she worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist, when Melanie was struck in a car accident that left her permanently physically disabled. She was unable to proceed with massage therapy and sought another direction. For two years she tried different modalities to help her heal the permanent disability and diagnosis, but nothing brought relief to the discomfort and suffering she felt on a daily basis.

It was almost three years when Melanie found QHHT, or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and this is when Melanie was instantly attracted to the Universal Knowledge that was being recovered through these sessions. Without knowing that the Healing Hypnosis technique had any instantaneous healing possibilities, she still felt a strong connection to the style of Hypnosis, and she knew that is what she wanted to do with her life.

With more research about QHHT Melanie found what she was looking for. It seemed like this Healing modality was in fact able to assist people in their personal healing. This seemed to come as a bonus, and it was worth a chance. There was no doubt this is what she wanted to do, but now she had to learn what this could do for her before she took a step in a new direction. Melanie new that she wanted to become a Practitioner to help other people, but she had to see what this could do for her first.

In 2018, Melanie tried a QHHT session for her first time in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The results of this one session were miraculous. The permanent disability was no more. Although, keep in mind that it does take time for the body to adjust to these shifts during and sometimes after the session.

After this session it was not long after that she enrolled in the QHHT Course and began her journey as a hypnotherapist. So, what happened in my session? Once I heard why the car accident happened, my body was able to heal itself in that moment.

“She was not supposed to be a Massage Therapist, she was meant to be a hypnotherapist.”

Melanie’s subconscious

Melanie’s first QHHT Session

How is this possible?

When we ignore a message that our body, or the Universe is sending to us it can manifest into our body. This can affect us on an emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually level. Causing disrupt in our daily lives and to weigh on our overall health in time. Leading to Diagnosis, Ailments and Diseases that lead to Cancer and Death. Once we hear these messages our subconscious mind knows how to release the unwanted energy. Since the energy is no longer needed, it is easy for the body to ‘Correct’ the issue.

Since receiving her first session she began her practice in 2018 and continues her practice as a QHHT Practitioner and energy worker in Albuquerque, New Mexico and in Sedona Arizona.  If you are looking to have a session, please be excited for your life to change as you initiate and follow through with your own healing. If you desire the change, surrendering is a good place to start. We are the change-It starts by looking within. Appointments available. Please connect with Melanie to book your appointment today.

Julia Cannon and Melanie Aguirre in Machu Picchu, Peru

Melanie at the QHHT reunion in Mt. Shasta, California

Mount Shasta Practitioner’s Reunion, Mount Shasta California

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