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“Love All”, Acrylic on Canvas, January 2020. Painted by: Melanie Aguirre

Melanie’s Movement Mission is to provide resources and support to individuals who may struggle along their awakening journey.

What is it?

Melanie created Movement for Millions to help individuals who may struggle along their awakening path and journey.

Times are forever changing. Our frequencies, DNA and consciousness are increased naturally. As the collective consciousness vibrations change, we will experience physical sensations, like aches, pains, ear ringing, and extrasensory abilities may heighten or become unblocked slowly.

You may experience emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual blockages being finally released and these negative toxins and energies will naturally leave the body and will fall away from your life. As these old patterns change, you feel stuck on where you are supposed to go next. Who are you and what is your path now?

Some of us already know where we want to go in life. What our biggest dreams are, but we just do not know how to get there. What is keeping us blocked and what support do we need to get there?

This movement is to stream a spectrum of consciousness on to one light bridge.

We are healers and we know that we are here for a reason.

Making a change for one person at a time can make a HUGE impact. One life, One day, is another chance at ascending, advancing and shining more light into someone’s life and heart.

How to be part of the movement.

Anyone can make a donation, volunteer their time, or apply for services. At this time volunteers are needed. Secondly, we need volunteers to donate their services to individuals who may need support.

If you feel like you can help or be of assistance in creating a beautiful program please fill out the Enquiry Form below and Melanie will connect with you by email or by phone.

Thank you for your time and your support.

A little love goes a long way.

Make A donation!

Show your support by making a donation!

Earth’s Minerals, Acrylic on Canvas, November 2017. Painted by Melanie Aguirre