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‘Conversations with Akhenaten’ Review!

‘Conversations with Akhenaten’ Review!

'Conversations with Akhenaten' Event Review from the Conscious Life Expo February 12, 2023. Please stay tuned for future events of 'Conversations with Akhenaten'. The next event is August 2023 in Lake Tahoe, California but the dates are still to be determined.
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New Service: Death Doula and Funeral Officiant

New Service by Melanie Aguirre WWW.MHSTARSEED.COM Death Doula and Funeral Officiant I am now offering a new service that will assist those that are preplanning for transition or for those who are in need of support while planning and organizing the most important moments of their lives. During the transition process, we may not know how much time is exactly left, but we learn that in this time it is important to stay in the present moment and to start healing the old parts of us that we may have forgotten. With this new service, I offer additional my support for preparation, planning and organizing. Of course, there are other fine details included, but this is an introductory to what will be offered. If you are interested, please connect with…
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