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Starseed Copper Pyramid


This natural healing device is perfect for any person, or animal; animals love them too! Any sensitive can feel the natural vortex that is naturally created within this natural elemental structure.

Melanie creates and assembles each pyramid by hand making them easy to set up instantly. Each copper pipe is capped with copper fittings so the connection stays true to the earth and so that there are no rough edges on either end. Each copper pipe is carefully measured and cut to fit your needs. The traditional pyramid that Melanie makes is five foot in length and this stands about four foot nine inches off the ground. Leaving plenty of space to sit for oneself or for an individual session. Larger Pyramids are available upon request.

Benefits of having a copper pyramid

  • Great for meditation, yoga and other natural healing therapy sessions.
  • Charge your physical body, your crystals and your water.
  • Detox the blood and lower blood pressure
  • Induce and promote healing and wellbeing in oneself.
  • Reduce EMF signal and effects on the body
  • Balance out the positive and negative polarities in the physical body
  • Reduce overall stress levels in the physical, mental and emotional body
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Boost Mental awareness
  • Experience heightened clarity and calmness
  • Improve your connection with oneself and source energy

FREE DELIVERY to the Albuquerque Metro Area.

Please inquire about additional service areas.

Delivery fee applies outside the ABQ Metro area.


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