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Quantum Disclosure Project

What is Quantum Disclosure Project?

Quantum Disclosure Project is an upcoming Documentary and Book series that reveals ancient hidden knowledge, truth and discovery of lost wisdom, education and more. We already know that Quantum Healing can happen instantaneously and there is no doubt that the mind is very powerful. As we connect with a higher power, we gain access to what lies dormant. The time is now to awake ancient mystery and to add pieces to the puzzle if not complete the masterpiece of unsolved mysteries.

Quantum Disclosure Project welcomes subjects as volunteers. Please connect if you feel drawn to share your regression experience, knowledge, education and wisdom with the world in this breaking documentary. The time is now to expand our consciousness as a collective so we may evolve into who we are meant to be.

Melanie Aguirre

Researcher, Hypnotist Creator. Director.

Reuben Langdon

Director and Producer

Reuben Langdon (

Christy Grace

Production Support