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About QHHT and your session

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT, is a beautiful way to journey into your own subconscious. Journey into your past lives and to build a stronger connection with yourself. When we are able to discover the root cause of our own discomfort, we are receptive to our own healing. Healing can happen instantly or gently with time. 

Healing comes in all forms and is a unique process for each individual. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique offers a gentle and successful approach for everyone. This technique is easy and effective for anyone, even if you have never meditated before.

When you are feeling stuck in life, or if you need a new awakening or direction in your life, QHHT can help.  Awaken to a place where you can access and discover the true knowledge that is already imprinted within you. 

 “It is time to lift the veil of our conditioning and discover who we really are.” -Melanie Aguirre


If you would like to learn more about QHHT please check out the QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE OFFICIAL WEBSITE


Your QHHT session includes:

  • One to one Interview and discussion to review your questions and interest. It is best to get to know you and what you would like to gain from your session. 
  • After the interview, you are guided through your session to reveal the deeper meaning of your interest and to gain further insight on your intentions for the session. This is approximately 2 hours in length. 
  • After your session, you will gain access to your session. It is recommended to listen to your session as soon as possible since this is also a part of healing. 

What is the cost?

There is a $150 Deposit to hold your appointment in place. This can be paid via Venmo @StarseedSolutions or via Zelle to Melanie Aguirre. You can also find a link to pay your deposit below. 

Please connect with Melanie about the cost of the session. 

Need a Payment Plan? Please let me know and we can split the payments into a way that best suits you. 

A few bad apples ruin the bunch! Here is why:

*Personal checks will not be accepted. 

*Deposit must be paid in advance to schedule your appointment. This assures us that if you choose not to show up for your appointment, the deposit is kept for the inconvenience. 

Pay your deposit HERE AND NOW at Venmo


QHHT is a great tool!

  • Self-discovery
  • Answers to ailments, dis-eases, diagnosis and more.
  • Psychosomatic ailments. Negative thinking that effects your own health and well-being. 
  • Personal blocks
  • Feelings of being ‘stuck’
  • Overcoming fear
  • Heavy emotions
  • Insight to bad habits and how to break them
  • Insight to physical discomfort and healing
  • Improve personal growth
  • Increase your awareness
  • Improve relationships 
  • Insight on your path and purpose
  • What steps are you supposed to take next along your journey
  • Soul Retrieval and healing 
  • Dream healing
  • Chakra evaluation
  • Grievance and healing
  • Akashic Records and Review
  • Spiritual awakening and growth 
  • and a lot more! 

Everyday Questions and Answers about Hypnosis:

  • I don’t believe that I can be or will be hypnotized. What if I don’t get hypnotized? In fact, it takes freewill, willingness, openness, imagination, and trust in order to be hypnotized. At times, someone can struggle in the beginning or in the middle of the session. Do not let this alarm you. Your hypnotherapist will assist you in your time of need. Often bringing you back into relaxation and continuing your session. Being nervous is natural but just remember that you will be in a safe place and environment. This is the perfect time and place to let go of all fears and personal blocks that may prohibit or delay your healing. I say any one is open to hypnotherapy. We are hypnotized every day as we drive and watch television. It is all programming. Think about it!
  • Will my ailment or dis-ease be cured within one session? The truth is, a lot can happen within one session. Our bodies need time to adjust to the new changes that have occurred. At times, it can take our bodies a session or two to rid a bad habit. I have seen miraculous results within one to two sessions, and this is not impossible. If your body takes longer to heal or to release a specific ailment or dis-ease, do not be discouraged. This could also depend on how long the energies have been in the body. Many factors can play a role.
  • Will I fall asleep? No, you will not be asleep for the duration of your session. Some people have but this does not mean that you will. Be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before and make sure you are well rested. You will be very aware during your session. If this does occur, I will simply wake you up.
  • Will I ‘wake up’ or ‘come back’ from the hypnosis session? Yes, because you are never truly asleep. You are still aware. Hypnosis is often referred to feel like meditation. Just like being entranced from a movie or a book.
  • The hypnotherapist is the one doing all the work. False. The hypnotherapist uses a special hypnosis tool that takes the subject into a dreamlike or meditative like state. This is where the subject uses their own potential for healing and exploration. Of course, you will have help and guidance of the hypnotherapist to initiate healing.
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Official Website is

“There are no limits when it comes to multidimensional healing and since time does not exist, the time for healing is always now.”

-Melanie Aguirre

Up to date healings in the QHHT sessions I have facilitated since October 2018

The following is a great list of inquires that I have assisted individuals with since October of 2018. Clients have received healing, relief, slow and easy transformational healing, answers to deeper questions, and have got to experience a new life through Quantum Healing Hypnosis. Healing happens on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Spiritual Growth; Improve your Spiritual awareness, and your connection to self and Christ Consciousness

Meet guardian angels and get special messages. Here you will be surprised at who shows up for your healing session. When clients are able to let go they open themselves to a whole new realm that we all have access to. Clients can see and sense multiple guardian angels, guides, and even loved ones who have passed. These supports are always with us and when were able to confirm out guides, it gives us such a new profound look on life and a new sense of being supported and knowing that we are divinely guided.

Near Death Experience

Bloodline origin discovery and analysis

Repair the Human DNA on a cellular and molecular level

Repair and improve oneself on a cellular level

Kundalini Rising energy. Here the client is able to see where the body is at energetically. Where are your blocks and face your true desire for wanting to awaken this powerful energy within.

Twin Flame reunion and connection. Do you have a twin flame and are you in reunion? This is a new common question over the last few years and it is only getting bigger.

Extraterrestrial abductions and Experiences

Extraterrestrial Implants; discovery and removal

Extraterrestrial encounters

Hybrid existence

Human trafficking

Sexual Abuse

Childhood Trauma

Cold Case files

Discover your path and purpose in this life and in other lives

Improvement of eyesight and vision

Clearing out the Lungs from smoking sensations and usage

Repair and clean the Liver on a cellular level








Nervous system

Autoimmune system

Relationships; Family, Friends, Business, Partners, and more; Learn more about these relationships and why they are present in your life.

Improve self-love and the relationship with yourself

Self acceptance and Self Confidence

Dream Interpretation and meaning; Review dreams and their meanings on a deeper level.

Past life insight and how it relates with current life now; Discover what lessons did you learn and what was the purpose of your past life. 

Business approach; plan and strategy. Discover if you are on the right path and how to navigate your way to success. 

Grief and loss; Through this route you can have a moment with someone that has already transitioned. Ask questions, get a hug, and see what messages need to be said. 


Trauma response

Memory Improvement

Nervousness; Nail Biting

Mental Clarity; Discover the meaning behind the fogginess so that you may see more clearly. 

Flight Response; Instead of using a flight mechanism when a stressful situation arises, Learn how to use consciousness and awareness to take control of the situations at hand. 






Improve Balance in your daily Communication

Understanding one’s natural abilities and super powers and how to go about using them with confidence. 

Physical discomfort to body. i.e. the head, trunk, knees, Back, Hips, Shoulders, Feet, Fingers and hands.

Medication review; Discover if the medications you are taking are actually working for you. This can also give you a good idea at what alternatives would be best. 

Alcohol sensation and Addiction

Smoking Sensation and Addiction 

Nicotine sensation and addiction

Tinnitus; Ringing in the Ears



GERD; Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Irritable Bowl Syndrome


Small and Large Intestine



Cancer in the knee; Unknown Type

Cancer of the stomach, Unknown Type.

Arthritis; Hands, Feet, and Back


Balancing Chakras and repairing the Aura; Realign the major chakra vortexes within your body. This brings back healthy energies to your body while releasing the unwanted energies. 

Gaining self confidence

Fear blockages; Public Speaking

Prune belly syndrome

Check blood platelets

Heart murmur

Noncancerous breast tumor

Improve sexual function

Weight loss and Diet; How to change your diet and what positive transitions are safe for you to take. 

Surrogate session; Others can benefit through our personal sessions too! Use your session for someone you love that may not be able to have access to a session. Perfect for minors, elders, and animals.