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Rating: 5 out of 5.
Credit: ‘Surrender’ By Corey Wolfe Corey Wolfe

I had a QHHT session (my first ever) with Melanie yesterday. It went better than I could have imagined, and that is saying a lot as I had extremely high expectations. I had a rather long list of questions, but Melanie patiently went over every single item including what my priorities were. I had some trepidation about being hypnotized because I have a hard time imagining specific things in my minds eye, but Melanie explained how to work around this perfectly. The session absolutley blew me away. I wasn’t able to remember everything, but she included a recording, which was extremely helpful. In addition to this, I have continued to have revelations galore today. I can not recommend this enough. The whole experience was beyond magical. I will definitely be doing another session after I’ve processed everything. 
Melanie is such a kind and gentle soul and I’m so grateful to have had this experience. 
-DPi Albuquerque, NM

Going into my first QHHT session I had my doubts that I could even be hypnotized, so as the session went on my subconscious mind was giving me clear answers in a way that Melanie knew how to ask for.  With her guidance I was able to process information given from my subconscious easily.  I can’t wait to see what transpires from this experience.
-Betty R. Albuquerque, NM

“I am a retired business owner and have had 2 QHHT sessions with Melanie. The second session was the most significant as I no longer have migraine headaches which I’ve had since in my 30s. In addition my allergies to juniper and other spring blossoms is cleared as well as a lactose intolerance. Thank you Melanie for getting the SC/ soul consciousness to do the healing.”
-Laurie, Placitas, NM

“I had the privilege of having a session with Melanie in September and it was a fascinating and impactful experience. I was able access answers to my problems that I had never thought of before. One of these issues was my insomnia which is now much improved and I can sleep through the night. Overall, really helpful!
Thank you Melanie.”
-Aurora S.R. Olympia, Washington

“Melanie’s patience and gentle guidance helped me open to areas of my mind that I had never reached before. I feel like I understand myself far better than before. Not only did this experience help me in the moment, but it showed me tools that I will use for the rest of my life to deal with conflict and uncertainty in life. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience!”
-John D.

-Sarah Breskman Cosme
Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, Level 3 Practitioner
The Holistic Hypnotist
Big Pine Key, Florida
“She is a terrific Hypnosis Practitioner and awesome Reiki Master. Melanie has an  awesome heart and is a beautiful being. “

-Rosario Le Blanc
Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, Level 2
Dallas, Texas
“I want to thank you for the very interesting QHHT regression hypnosis session. This experience of a former life was transformational in that it has brought me to have a new perspective of my current life… to have more empathy for myself.”

-Jacqueline N.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Recently I had a health issue with physical discomfort. I knew Melanie had a reputation for helping in situations like these so I consulted her. She took a great interest in my condition and used a number of modalities to help alleviate my discomfort. She also referred me to some natural remedies which seemed to reduce inflammation.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Melanie as a competent practitioner.”

-David Taylor
Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, Level 2
Vancouver, British Columbia

Mel has a natural warm personality and made me feel very comfortable. She guided me effortlessly through the entire session with ease and professional assurance. I highly recommend Mel to anyone seeking a deeper connection to their Higher Self and to all those seeking a Practitioner that will help take them deeper to uncover their personal truth and path forward. What an incredible experience!

Lubbock, Texas
Testimony and Review with Rona
Empath Reader and Twin Flame Expert
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“This was my first QHHT Past Life Regression. I have had several sessions on Past Life Regression with other providers. Without question, the QHHT approach goes much deeper. Melanie Aguirre, as my guide, has a very soothing and relaxing voice and asked just the right questions to my sub-conscious to get to the heart of the matter. I’m still reflecting today on what I learned. I was attracted to QHHT because of Dolores Cannon readings and because I believed I wouldn’t be aware of what was said during the regression. (I am still struggling with self-trust.) While I remember 99% of everything I said, there was a bit at the end that I have no memory of at all … and it was an interesting message. I just needed this experience to validate that my sub-conscious does, indeed, know all. Thanks SC and Melanie! Everyone should have this experience at least once.”
-Linda K.
Rio Rancho, NM